Council Road Baptist Church Homeschool Enrichment

CRBC Homeschool Enrichment is a group of in the community of Christ. We wish to glorify Jesus Christ in all we do and all classes are taught from a Christian worldview.

Enrollment is through each tutor. After reviewing the class descriptions thoroughly, contact them through e-mail (or by phone if necessary) to request at N.W. 30th and Council Road. See overviews. More complete descriptions are available through each tutor.
For information other than enrollment contact Cheryl Snow at: crbchomeschool@sbcglobal.net

We have three rules we abide by. (1) That we treat everyone and everything with the utmost respect in a Christian manner; this includes our facility, each tutor, parent/volunteer, Church staff members, and fellow students. (2) Each tutor/teacher is the authority in each class, you must respect and abide by that tutors class rules. (3) All students, ages twelve years and under, must have a parent on the CRBC campus during their class period(s). Middle school students, ages thirteen years and older, may be on campus without a parent if an older sibling is also on campus.  However, middle school students may not remain on campus when classes are in session if they are not enrolled in a class during that time. The exception to this rule is during the lunch period or if a middle schooler’s parent is on campus.

The CUBE is located on the campus of CRBC, it is a community center that is open to everyone. It has a walking track, a workout room, 2 basketball courts, fitness classes, a courtyard with tables, and it has wireless internet. (WIFI) The commons area in the CUBE is where most students and parents eat lunch.